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  PSCD-101 George Gershwin Revisited   PSCD-127 Harold Arlen & Vernon Duke Revisited
  PSCD-102 The Grass Harp (DELETED)   PSCD-128 Tallulah
  PSCD-103 Mostly Mercer (DELETED)   PSCD-129 Shoestring Revue
  PSCD-104 Too Many Girls   PSCD-130 Shoestring '57
  PSCD-105 Cole Porter Revisited Volume III   PSCD-131 Contemporary Broadway Revisited
  PSCD-106 Rodgers & Hart Revisited Vol. III   PSCD-132 I Can't Keep Running in Place
  PSCD-107 Leonard Bernstein Revisited   PSCD-133 Catch Me If I Fall
  PSCD-108 Kurt Weill Revisited   PSCD-134 Jerome Kern Revisited Volume III
  PSCD-109 Kurt Weill Revisited Volume II   PSCD-135 Ira Gershwin Revisited
  PSCD-110 Noel Coward Revisited   PSCD-136 Oscar Hammerstein Revisited
  PSCD-111 Jerome Kern Revisited Volume II   PSCD-137 Arthur Schwartz Revisited
  PSCD-112 The Littlest Revue   PSCD-138 Vernon Duke Revisited
  PSCD-113 Jerome Kern Revisited   PSCD-139 Rodgers & Hart Revisited Volume II
  PSCD-115 Frank Loesser Revisited   PSCD-140 Rodgers & Hart Revisited Volume V
  PSCD-116 Rodgers & Hart Revisited   PSCD-141 Alan Jay Lerner Revisited
  PSCD-117 Cole Porter Revisited Volume IV   PSCD-142 Vincent Youmans Revisited
  PSCD-118 Irving Berlin Revisited   PSCD-143 Kaye Ballard
  PSCD-119 Make Mine Manhattan   PSCD-144 DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Rev. Vol. I
  PSCD-120 Hold On To Your Hats   PSCD-145 DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Rev. Vol. II
  PSCD-121 Cole Porter Revisited   PSCD-146 Everyone Else Revisited
  PSCD-122 Cole Porter Revisited Volume V   PSCD-147 Vernon Duke Revisited Volume III
  PSCD-124 Decline & Fall ... Cole Porter   PSCD-148 Harold Arlen Revisited
  PSCD-125 Cole Porter Revisited Volume II   PSCD-149 Ballet on Broadway / Nantucket
  PSCD-126 Rodgers & Hart Revisited Vol. IV      

These recordings are in Compact Disc format only, many with up to 22 minutes of added songs. Sorry, they are not (and never were) available in Cassette format. Painted Smiles is an independent not-for-profit company.

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